It was ma birthdy on friday and it was a disaster:

On my way back home last Thursday my exhaust decided to fall off in the middle of a dual carriageway, severely damaging the engines of two cars as well as making my scooter unable to go anymore.

Had to use public transport. Eurgh. The world conspired to remind me how dreadful it is by making me wait the longest possible times.

Had to miss work today as I was unable to get back.

Have to spend £45 and 3 1/2 hours on the train for what would cost £4 in petrol and 2 1/4 hours on a scooter. Eurgh.

Probably gonna get in trouble for wrecking peoples cars.

Fuck off.

Hi. Nothing else to report since the last time I posted on here. I’ve noticed that it’s about 5 years since thefurtheradventuresofbarmcake began. Cool. 

Finish job on the campsite in a couple of weeks. MAYBE getting annualised contract, which means I would get equal pay spread throughout the whole year for 6 months of work which would absolutely be the coolest thing ever, meaning I could spend 6 months of absolute carefree travelling every year and another 6 months doing the world’s most chilled, thoroughly enjoyable toilet cleaning job. 

OK tumblr here's what's happening at the moment:
Scooter module 1 test tomorrow. Bricking it.
Plan on spending the winter in Langdale.
Hope to live in a tipi maybe.
Turning my garden at campsite into an allotment.

Ha ha ha. After abandoning my search for the theory test centre I then ran out of petrol. Now I am stuck. Ha ha ha.

Missed my theory test because Workington theory test centre DOES NOT EXIST.

Fuck all people.

So instead of travelling in September I think I am going to


yeah you heard.

I’m going to buy 0.2 acres of land with a colleague and live in a yurt of tipi.


Lets see.

Living on land is good. 

You know how we’re all aware that that there’s a tiny number of super-rich psychopaths who run the world but we never ever see any of them so they’re kind of mythical evil beings?
Yeah well one of them’s staying at my campsite.

Far from his usual, unnatural habitation deep in the City of London, this guy is completely out of his comfort zone. It’s fascinating to watch and to finally meet him in person, after he hurled abuse at a colleague over the phone the other day.

That’s about it.

thefurtheradventuresofbarmcake is completely redundant nowadays

OH but i am going to tell you something in a second.

Most would also suggest that setting a tent up for the night in the playground of an abandoned pub somewhere north of Gloucester is a bad idea.

Nah mate.

I am on the train to Weston super mare. Getting a new scooter. How exciting. Most would suggest it is a bad idea to come 300 miles to get a scooter without seeing it first.
We’ll just see about that.

I kept expecting it to happen but my Tumblr is gradually becoming a little bit redundant. I will start a more public blog one day. 

Also I am now in a bit of a dilemma as to whether to 
- Save up, then travel round the world on my scooter.

- Save up, then go to Thailand to teach, buy a scooter there, work for a while, then come back on the scooter.


Life is hard.

Giving up on conventional education is incredibly liberating.